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Lately, I’ve been working on putting together two things: A control journal for my family (Thank you very much, FLY Lady!), and an emergency binder. I thought I would share the emergency binder with you, because I think it’s great to have all the information you need stored in one, easy to access location. Once mine is complete, I plan on getting a safe deposit box at one of our local banks to store it in. I thought I’d walk you through what I’m putting in mine, in order to help you put together yours!

I picked out a three ring binder in a color that doesn’t look like any of the other ones sitting in my bookshelf in my kitchen. In my case, it happens to be purple. I put a label on the front that says Cardin Family Emergency Binder, as well as one on the side, so I can easily read it when scanning the shelf.’

Family Emergency BinderFamily Emergency Binder

I use tabbed dividers and put the pages in plastic sheet protectors, too.

Tabbed pages

The first section is for Emergency Contact Information. There is a great page all made up already that you can just print off and use. It’s also perfect for babysitters, nanny’s, and day cares.

Emergency Contact SheetI also have a copy of this in my control journal. I’ll talk about a control journal another time, but for now, let’s just focus on the emergency binder.

Section Two: Hannah. This is a section with all relevant information about my 2 year old daughter. I downloaded the forms from Emergency Binder, and keep them saved on my computer for easy updating. The information includes all medical insurance information, copies of her immunization records, a copy of her social security card (with the words COPY written on it, because it’s a color copy), and anything else the forms asked me for. She wears glasses, so I also keep her current eyeglass prescription there.

Sections Three and Four: Melissa and John. It’s pretty much all the same information as for Hannah, only it also includes information about the location of our spare car keys, access information for bank accounts, email addresses and other websites, as well as information about power of attorney and final arrangements.

Section Five: Home Owners Insurance. I actually keep an entire copy of our policy in there.

Section Six: Auto Insurance. Same thing – a whole copy of the policy.

Section Seven: Bank info – pretty self explainitory.

Section Eight: Photos. These are photos of all the big expensive things we own: Cars, piano, computers, TVs, and things like that. I just keep them on a CD, rather than keeping the hard copies of the photos themselves. I also keep copies uploaded somewhere online so I can access them from any computer.

Section Nine: Emergency Plans. Where should we meet if the house is on fire? What if we need to evacuate? What if we need to get away from the house, but not out of our neighborhood? That’s where all this information is. Everyone should know it BEFORE putting it in your binder. If only one of you knows it, and you take the binder, everyone else is out of luck. This also includes things to remember to pack if there is an emergency, such as a hurricane, a few days away and you’ll have time to grab a few things before leaving.

Section Ten: Vital Records – Birth Certificates, marriage certificates, adoption records, car titles, name changes, social security cards, all of that stuff. This is precisely why this information should all be kept in a safety deposit box, and NOT in your home. If your house catches on fire, you may not have time to grab it.

So that’s it, my basics on how to make an emergency binder. Please take the time to do it for you and your family. I pray you’ll never have to use it, but if you do, at least it will all be in one spot.


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Miscellaneous Update

Yes, it’s not time for my weekly update on where I’m at in my pregnancy, though I can tell you I had a doctors appointment this morning, and his words of wisdom were: “Well, you’re pretty much at the point where we see you every week, and we sit around and wait for you to go into labor.” The only thing that would change that is if there was a sudden spike in my blood pressure or something else that was concerning. So I guess that’s a good thing. I am hoping labor comes sooner rather than later, for lots of reasons:

  1. I’m totally ready to meet this little baby!
  2. I am really looking forward to sharing this major life event with my amazing husband.
  3. I’m equally as ready to not be pregnant!
  4. I’m anxious to be able to work out again.

I took Kane to get his picture taken with Santa on Saturday, which was cool. He was really nervous about it though! Here’s the photo of him:

I wish his eyes didn’t come out so yellow. I tried to fix them in my photo editing software, but it didn’t work. Oh well. He was a good boy 🙂

We’re really looking forward to Christmas this year! We’re hosting both sides of the family on Christmas Day for dinner. It worked out wonderfully last year, despite the crowded house. It was great not having to travel, and I really enjoy entertaining, so it will be fun. I have a few last gifts to wrap, and John still has a few to pick up, but he’ll be doing that tomorrow, since he is taking the day off. I will be finishing up cleaing today, and I have some last little things to bake for other people, but over all, we’re pretty much ready! Now I just have to make sure the house doesn’t become messy between now and then, since we both have a tendency to leave stuff laying around everywhere.

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Kane and the Leaf Blower

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The embryo reaches a developmental milestone at the end of this week–it has achieved its basic structural form, and will be known as a fetus (Latin for “offspring”) from now until it reaches full term. Because the fetus is still curled up in a snug position in the uterus, it’s hard to measure an exact length including the legs. For this reason, health professionals use the crown-to-rump measurement, or the distance from the top of the head to the buttocks. Your baby’s crown-to-rump length is now about 1 1/4 inches, and she weighs less than half an ounce.

So that’s where I’m at now. I’ll be glad to get out of the 1st trimester in a couple weeks, I’m tired of being tired and not feeling well all the time!

John, Kane and I went to Long Sands beach in York last night, and we had so much fun! Kane hadn’t ever been to the beach (at least, not in the year that we’ve had him), and he was just all over the place! Checking stuff out, digging stuff up. We found a 3 pound clam (yes, it was still alive!), and Kane picked it up in his mouth and tried to walk away with it! It was SOOO funny. I wished I had my camera at that point, but by then I had already put it away in the car. I got to try out my new kite, which was fun. Here are the photos:

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An update in Photos

First we got the piano (above) from my parents house, finally, about a week ago. It was my Nana’s piano, then my Grandad gave it to me when she passed away, so that I could take piano lessons. My parents always promised John and I could have it when we got our house. So here it is! The cats then had to give it their seal of approval (below 2 pictures). It seems to be acceptable to them…

Then Maggie had to try out the new (to us) changing table (above) we got at a yardsale from a neighbor on Saturday. We got an awesome deal on a crib and changing table – the two for $125!

Kim helped me paint baby Roo’s room over the weekend (above). The pictures don’t really do it justice, but it’s kind of a peach color. I put up the border this morning. It is Classic Pooh (below).And here is the crib, all put together. I did that all by myself this morning, thank you very much. No help from anyone, and I did just fine! Even can make the side go up and down, just like it’s supposed to!

Later today I have a doctors appointment, and hopefully another ultrasound, since this is the first appointment I’ve had at this new office. Will keep everyone posted!

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Just a quick update

For those of you who haven’t looked, my homepage has been totally revamped, stylistically (is that how it’s spelled?? I have no idea.). I will be transferring old posts over there for a while, but that’s not totally done yet.

For those of you who heard about “Kat”, we have found her a good home – she will be going to live with my Aunt Pat in Concord. She moves again this weekend. Her new name is Maya, and I’m sure she’ll do well over there. She’s a super sweetie, and I wish we could keep her, but John is adamant that we not have another cat.

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. I am SO ready for the weekend.

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Random Thoughts

I must be quite the site to see when I get out of my car in the morning at work. Especially on the days after I have a late home visit the previous day. I’m like… manuvering myself into unnatural positions just so I can fit out the door because the cars are all parked too close together. I realized just how amusing it must be when I do that when I pulled in this morning and there was a couple of women standing outside staring at me while I was doing my morning exercise routine of getting out of my car.

On a happier note, I finished the Poisonwood Bible finally! It only took me almost a year. Not because it was a bad book, but because I didn’t discipline myself to sit down and really read it. So maybe in a year or two I’ll re-read it. Now I’ve moved on to Dreams of Trespass, it’s about a girl who grew up in a harem. One of my coworkers said it was a good read, so I bought it at this cute bookstore/cafe in Berwick. All the books are used, and the hot chocolate is amazing. I love shops like that. I could live in one. I should open one some day. Maybe I will. Kim could come work at it with me. It would be a piece of cake for her! How’s that sound Kim? We can run our robotic kitchenware business out of the back room.

Camping this weekend – w00p w00p! We’re bringing Kane with us, and I’ve spent a lot of the night getting ready to go, preparing food that can be cooked over an open fire and getting all sorts of other stuff ready too. Especially Kane’s stuff. I just realized that I haven’t packed any of his cookies in his bag, but I’ve got just about everything else! Tomorrow we’ll just need to remember his water bowl, because I have a travel food dish for him. I’m so excited to go – I haven’t been camping in a long time!

Saturday is my birthday too, so that will be fun. 25 years old – quarter of a century. Wow. It’s also Hancock Old Home Days, which means parades, craft fairs and the thrift shop! Saturday night brings with it Kimballs and the Jaffrey Fireworks. Yeah Jaffrey Fireworks!!! It should be a cool one, I guess they’re doing classical music this year. Who can miss a show called “Classically Pyro?” Dave T, this one’s for you!

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